Next Chapter

Let’s all take a collective sigh of relief. The nightmare is over and we’ve cut all ties with BMW CCA. Simply put, any cost-benefit analysis would suggest that we had no business raising dues for any national organization and there has been no value for our members derived from the demanded membership fees by an out-of-touch club. And if you want a fancy grille badge that bad, you can just buy one on eBay.

Be that as it may, we’re moving forward. It’s a new day, but not a new beginning. Everything that made NCE30 successful and grew it into E30CCA shall continue. We’ve celebrated 10 years of E30 activities in North Carolina this year and grew to all surrounding states. We have forged many relationships and made many friends.

In 2019 you should look forward to all our regular events and more… Brand new shirts will be printed, more stickers will be cut. We will return to Concord Speedway for the E30 Oktoberfest and make our presence felt at the Vintage. We have a few articles in the works, we’ll edit our older articles as well.

Our goals have not changed… E30CCA will continue to encourage the exchange of ideas, information, experiences, and technical support. In addition, we will promote participation in the community with events, meets, and activities to continue our growth, but without BMW CCA.