PT Road Stories

For those in the know,  I eat, sleep, and breathe e30s and over many years of my fanaticism, I have made many friends all over the world. For a long time I’ve been meaning to meet many of those friends for the first time and since 2013, I’ve been planning the drive to the E30 Picnic in Tacoma, Washington.but the desire to attend did not go away.

Sometime in 2017 I started putting feelers out to people would be interested in this trip. I drew the the plan on the map, reached out to people across the country and started putting together an itinerary. Initially I planned to take five cars, but that quickly grew to ten. But as with all things E30, within two weeks before the departure, people flaked. So here’s the cast:

First and foremost, Victor (Holden)  and his brother/co-driver Christian (Choo): Holden was one of the first people I asked to go on this trip and after just a few days he confirmed his days off and began prepping his Toyota Tacoma to be the support vehicle. He became the equipment manager, gathering extra camping gear, air compressor, jerrycan for gas, tow straps. With ever-changing roster, Holden was ready, even when we joked that it will be just the two of us on this entire trip.

The second E30 leaving with us from Winston-Salem was piloted by Jamie and his cousin, Avery. Jamie would not take “no” for an answer and made the commitment to go way ahead of his E30 even running. In months leading up to the trip, his e30 received a fresh m20b25, all new gaskets and seals, refreshed suspension, tires, and countless hours of labor by Chef Rob and Ryan Sterenczak at Backyard Bavarian. That car was gone through with a fine toothcomb, and predictably, ran like a champ the entire way. Jamie showed a lot of determination.

Joining us in Ohio, a hilarious prep-boy by from Connecticut, Liam. Just a couple of weeks before the trip, he contacted me through Instagram and expressed his desire to travel with us. Through mechanical hardships, Liam drove his e30 almost every mile of his 8,500 mile journey and brought home the recognition for the longest distance traveled to the Picnic.

Day 1: June 16th. 350 Miles.