at the Vintage

  • Caravans and Drives
    Caravans and Drives
    Driving in caravans to and from places? We'll do it!
  • Photos
    Artsy photos? We'll take every opportunity.
  • Parking
    Hard parking in remote locations? Definitely will happen.
  • Firepits
    Sitting around a fire sharing stories and experiences? Yup.
  • Chef Rob
    Chef Rob
    With Chef Rob on the grill, you know the food will be amazing.
  • Camping
    Camp out among E30s and friends.
  • And More
    And More
    And more hard parking, cruising, and photo-taking.
  • The Vintage
    The Vintage
    ... and enjoy the Vintage!
  • Pack Tightly
    Pack Tightly
    Don't forget all your camping gear and necessities.

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315 Briggs Rd, Hot Springs, NC 28743

For the second year The Vintage returns to Asheville, NC and we are more than ready this time. ¬†Hotels are expensive, and we all know E30 drivers belong in the wild anyway. So, for the second year in a row, E30 Chapter is going camping at the Vintage.An entire weekend of mountain roads, classic BMWs, and a camp on the shore of the French Broad River? That’s it, that’s what we’ll do.


This is the 14th annual event and one of the largest classic BMW gatherings in the world. What makes this event so special is that you won’t see a parking lot filled with trailers towing garage queens, this is a drivers’ event. BMWs of all shapes show up to celebrate our passion, collective obsession, and the spirit of our Bavarian Machines. The Vintage continues to grow and has become the principle event for restorers, racers, sponsors, vendors, artists, and hundreds of classic BMW owners. Record attendance is expected, as always. Record E30 attendance is guaranteed.


We will be staying right across the street from the Vintage show. We’ll have group campgrounds, a picnic shelter with electricity, and an amphitheater. Did I mention hot showers? We’ll have those, too. A million star hotel.


Early AM – Caravan to Asheville
2:30PM – Meet at Sierra Nevada Brewery for lunch.
5PM – Arrive at the campground, set up camp.
7-8PM – Walk to Spring Creek Tavern for dinner.
Firepit and festivites to follow.


Morning Mountain Drive – get coffee, eat breakfast.
9-10AM – Drive across the street to the Vintage Show
4PM – Return to the campground. Relax, play in the river, go for a drive.
7PM – Start dinner


Wake up, clean up, pack up.
NOON РDrive home, stop in for food somewhere.


Firepit, good food, good times, beerpong, BYOB, and so much more…

Bring spending cash for other things.

Yes, bring all your own camping provisions and your own beer.
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