Picnic Tour


Meet Us:

  • Saturday, June 16th
  • Sunday, June 17th
  • Monday, June 18th
  • Tuesday, June 19th
  • Wednesday, June 20th
  • Thursday, June 21st
  • Saturday, June 23rd
  • Sunday, June 24th
  • Monday, June 25th (Lunch)
  • Monday, June 25th
  • Tuesday, June 26th
  • Wednesday, June 27th
  • Thursday, June 28th
  • Friday, June 29th

Confirmed Participants:

Car: 1987 BMW 325eS Coupe BBS Widebody
Motor: S52B32/ZF320 w/ Schrick cams, Miller WAR chip
Wheels: BBS RS740 Tires: Toyo RA 235/40-17

Driver: Art M. AKA Aptyp
Age: 33 - Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Representing: E30 Chapter - Sponsor: TBD

Car: To Be Determined
Better be an e30...

Driver: Robert K. AKA RobertK
Age: 33 - Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Representing: Kadunza - Sponsor: TBD

Car: 1990 BMW 325i Sedan
Motor: M60B44/G420 OBDI 
Wheels:            Tires: 

Driver: Jack I. AKA Baby Jack
Age: 21 - Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Representing: ITB Motors - Sponsor: TBD

Car: To Be Determined

Driver: Matt L.
Age: 33 - Homestate: SC
Representing: Lown Performance - Sponsor: TBD

Car: 318iS
Motor: M42
Wheels:            Tires:              

Driver: Stan M. - Age: XX - Homestate: SC
Representing: Carolina Auto Salon - Sponsor: TBD

Car: 1988 BMW M3
Motor: S14B23 
Wheels:              Tires:  

Driver: John B.
Age: 32 - Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Representing: NCE30 - Sponsor: TBD

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